Top 5 Alternative things to do in Sarajevo

Top 5 Alternative things to do in Sarajevo

Top 5 Alternative things to do in Sarajevo

Like most of the capitals in the world, Sarajevo also has pretty rich offer when it comes down to experiences for the travelers. Sure, it’s a must to visit the War tunnel museum and do the tour there or do one of the city tours or even go to a abandoned bob sled track from the ’84 Olympic…but if you are one of those travelers avoiding crowded places or just trying to find something else after you’ve ticked off all of the main things from your list, then look no further! …here is the short list of Sarajevo alternative experiences you most likely didn’t know they exist…until now.

1. Bosnian Cooking Lessons

Stop wondering where to eat…this is the place! It’s just a perfect mix of all the things a traveler is looking for…delicious local Bosnian food, cooked and eaten together with locals in their home with a best panoramic view of Sarajevo. It’s Bosnian hospitality at its finest! It’s more than a cooking class since you will try various delicacies made by them like juices, jams, ajvar, plum brandy and other…and it all comes from their organic garden. If that’s not enough then for sure you won’t be indifferent to their stories about their survival during the siege of Sarajevo and what was the food back then. Highly recommended for not only foodies but to all those seeking for a truly local experience and warm Bosnian hospitality. You just can’t get more local than this!   

2.Sarajevo Photography Tours

No matter if you’re professional photographer just looking for a local guide companion or even beginner with a smart phone who would love to learn more about basics of photography and at the same time explore Sarajevo, Mostar or some other beautiful place in Bosnia, then look no further!!! This is the one and only photography tour in Sarajevo and Bosnia run by local professional photographer who is also a city guide which offers perfect combination of photography, history and culture. There is no better way to explore country then with a local photographer who can show you Bosnia and Herzegovina through the lens!

3.Horseback riding – Pegasos

If you would like to spend more time in nature and you’re nature and horse lover then horseback riding is what you need. Located in a peaceful and natural environment, but still within a 20-minute drive from the city, the Center Pegasos offers a unique feeling of closeness to nature. Abundant country and forest paths offer both riders and walkers exactly what they need – active rest in nature surrounded by marvelous scenery with an amazing view of Sarajevo.

4.Bosnian Coppersmith Handicraft & Artisan Workshop

Things to do in Sarajevo Copper smith
Bosnian Copper smith class is amazing and unique opportunity to peak into traditional copper artisan-handicraft in Sarajevo’s Old Town, where copper smiths have crafted Turkish-style coffee-pots and traditional round baking trays for the past 500 years. Nermina Alić is probably the only woman in „čaršija“ dealing within „men’s“ business. Copper smith and tinsmith crafts she learned from her father Hadžan Alić. In the year 2007, she overtaken the shop and has continued the family tradition. Get the chance to create your own craft and bring it home. Take a half day workshop and discover secrets of the best copper smith artisan in Sarajevo.

5.Abandoned Olympic Bob Sled Track

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