The siege of Sarajevo

Private tour

Go with a local guide on a route that covers a timeline from the old Turkish quarter of town, through western Austro-Hungarian architecture and to the modern European city which was under the siege for 1,425 days in the 90s war.

This walking tour is a combination of historical, cultural and a war tour with a focus on Guide’s personal experiances of survival. Hear the guide’s personal stories about everyday life in the city under the siege and learn the true meaning of the word freedom. Find out which things we take for granted today but during the siege were extremely precious. Learn what was the real ”currency” during the war time, find out which vegetable was the most precious, what was the substitute for the coffee and a lot more incredible, sad but also funny stories.

Prices and details:
17 Euros per person (3 persons minimum)
25 Euros per person (if only 2 persons)

Duration: 2.5 hours