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wine tasting with panoramic view of sarajevo

Our home is on top of the hill above Sarajevo with the best kitchen view in the city! We offer cooking lessons at our home because we believe that the only way for our guests to experience local way of living is to visit our home, our garden, make the food we eat almost every day and enjoy in one of the best wines from our country.

It’s Bosnian hospitality at its finest! It’s more than a cooking class since you will try various delicacies made by us like juices, jams, ajvar, plum brandy and other…and it all comes from our organic garden. If that’s not enough then for sure you won’t be indifferent to our stories about our survival during the siege of Sarajevo and what was the food back then. Highly recommended, not only for foodies, but to all those seeking for a truly local experience and warm Bosnian hospitality. You just can’t get more local than this!

The only condition we have is to bring positive energy  and a STRONG will to eat whatever you made at the end of cooking lessons.  On the other hand we can promise you a lot of fun and laugh!

Cooking Lessons


All the best known Bosnian dishes are covered with this learning course. Not only that but well known quality wine from Herzegovina region will be served, which makes this gastro experience complete.

Duration: approx. 5 – 6 hours

Price per person: 45 € (90 KM)


If someone wants to experience not only complete Bosnian menu but to try 3 quality wines from 3 different wine makers… this course would be the choice.

Duration: approx. 5 – 6 hours

Price per person: 60 € (120 KM)

Interactive Live Online Courses

Cook with us Online

For all the foodies who would like to try our traditional food but unable to travel, you are more then welcome to join us virtually at our home and do the hands on online course with us. 

Duration: 2-3 hours

Price per person: 20 € 

Eat With Us (Lunch or Dinner)

Eat With Us

Lunch or Dinner

Not interested in cooking?

But still would like to have traditional Bosnian food cooked and served by locals in a private home? …We have a solution!  We offer 4 course meal accompanied by traditional Bosnian coffee, homemade plum brandy, juice and dessert.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Price per person: 25 € ( 50 KM)

20 EUR pp (if only 2 persons)

Walking Tours

The Siege of Sarajevo

Up close and personal tour

This walking tour is a combination of historical, cultural and a war tour with a focus on Guide’s personal experiences of a life in a city under the siege  and learn the true meaning of the word freedom.

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours

Price: 15 € pp (3 persons min.)

20 € pp (if only 2 persons)

Tunnel of Hope Tour

Hear the breath-taking stories from the guide who went through the small secret underground tunnel during the war time as a teenager.

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Price: 15 € pp (3 persons min.)

20 € pp (if only 2 persons)

Excluded: Entrance Fee 5 €

Bigger Picture Tour

The tour that joins two most popular walking tours –  City walking tour and Tunnel of Hope Tour. Go on a route that covers a timeline from Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian period to the recent past and 90’s war in Bosnia. 

Duration: 5-6 hours

Price: 30 € pp (2 persons min)

Excluded: Tunnel entrance 5 €

Buy authentic original souvenir!

Bring a piece of Sarajevo back home

For all our guests who would like to bring back home something more than a cooking experience – we proudly present our souvenir…100% cotton apron designed by us!

It’s not a print, it’s a high quality embroidery which can stand washing up to 60° C (140°F).

Price: 25 € / 50 KM (Cash only)

What others said about us!

Portland, USA
This was not just a cooking class. It was an experience learning about Sarajevo and B&H's history from firsthand accounts, set on a hill overlooking the city having the best view that we saw the whole time in B&H. It was an experience of culture and how the Bosnian people cherish mealtimes, draw out the conversation and continue to eat a bit throughout the night.
Vancouver, CANADA
Right as you walk into their home you feel so welcome, as if you are old friends. You'll hang out, get to know each other a bit and have some appetizers before starting the lesson.The cooking class at Mersiha and Mustafa's home is such a worthwhile way to spend an afternoon/evening. I promise, you will eat extremely well, have lots of fun and learn to make some amazing dishes.
New York, USA
Honestly, this was the best cooking class I have ever taken abroad. Moustafa and Merisha are so kind, friendly, and down to earth. It was just like spending a day with friends chatting and sharing stories -- learning how to cook the food was just the bonus! After learning how to make very traditional and delicious Bosnian dishes (which I will now make when I get back to the States), we all enjoyed the meal together. I'm sure spending the day with them will be one of the highlights of my trip and I'm happy to think that I came away with two new friends in Moustafa and Merisha. Also, as a note, this cooking class would be perfect for solo travelers who are looking to connect with people in a very authentic, fun way!
Honolulu, HAWAII
Had an amazing time with Moustafa and Mersiha! We felt like a part of the family. The food was amazing! Really interesting how the borek is made! Can't recommend enough!
Hammy Lou
Hammy Lou
Bristol, UK
Having been told initially that it would not be possible for us to do a cooking class while in Sarajevo, Mustafa and Mersiha bent over backwards to sort it for us. They are amazing hosts with a fantastic sense of humour and most importantly, great knowledge of Bosnian food. Mersiha must have the patience of a saint to have been so calm and kind while watching me destroy pastry! She really does take it step by step and ensure that you are keeping up. I've not been brave enough to recreate any at home yet. I just know it won't taste as good without her there. You must do this if you enjoy food and fun with a stunning view.
Severodvinsk, RUSSIA
I was traveling to Sarajevo with my family, and we were looking for a fun way to spend an evening. Little did we know that this cooking class would be filled with so much joy, delicious local food and most importantly amazing hosts. Not only we made stuffed onions, peppers and bureks but also made life-long friends. I am hosting a Balkan themed dinner night for my friends next week and can't wait to put into practice everything I learned from Mersiha and Mustafa! Cannot recommend this enough!
This wasn't like a cooking class but more like having dinner with friends. The food is amazing, all the food is fresh from their garden. The cooking was so much fun. As well as learning how to make all the amazing dishes we had great fun and learned so much about Mersiha and Mustafa and Bosnian & Herzegovinan culture. The wine was gorgeous. Their home is fabulous and the view over the city while we cooked and laughed was better than any restaurant you could find.
Krakow, POLAND
My husband and I spent two weeks and Sarajevo and this is the highlight of the whole trip! Mustafa and Mersi are extremely friendly and interesting. The view can't be beat. I set up a lesson less than 24 hours before and they were great about getting us in! It was by husband's birthday and they were so accommodating about adding a special cake for him too. Mustafa also picked us up so we didn't have to worry about finding it. The lesson itself was great! My husband is a cooking beginner and I'm a novice, and we both learned a lot of things, but nothing was too difficult. Such a lovely time, should not be missed!
Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
THE ABSOLUTE BEST!! Do not miss this epic & super delicious experience in Sarajevo with the best views! YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!!!!! It was undoubtedly one of the biggest highlights of my Balkan trip. Hands-down the best and most fun cooking class I've been to in the world. I could not recommend it enough 🙂 An epic afternoon spent in Sarajevo cooking various super delicious traditional dishes, with magnificent views of the city, great vibes, an incredible group of people, exceptional local wine and the absolute best hosts/chefs you could ever have or wish for! Thank you a million times over for the hospitality, laughs and AMAZING memories and meal, Mersi and Mustafa!

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